The GALATEA project is organising its second session of virtual B2B meetings on 27 September 2021.

A webinar presenting the GALATEA project will be held in the first part of the morning (09:00-10:00). Throughout the day (09:00-18:00), participants will have the opportunity to schedule meetings and meet potential partners, experts, end-users, large groups in the 5 territories covered by the project (France, Greece, Spain, Romania, Poland).

Registration to this online event is free but mandatory:

GALATEA Blue Growth Accelerator selects and supports 14 innovative projects led by 25 SMEs across Europe



GALATEA aims to support high impact projects led by SMEs through services provided by the participating clusters and/or through a voucher scheme which will allow beneficiaries to finance the development of their ideas/projects addressing the challenges in the Smart Port, Smart Ship, Smart Shipyard and Maritime Surveillance domains.

The Voucher Scheme

Get direct financial support up to 20.000 € if you apply individually for development and technology transfer activities or up to 60.000 € per SME if you apply in a consortium of at least two SMEs to develop your prototype or demonstration projects.

Coaching services

The coaching services, operated by GALATEA partners aims to facilitate and support SMEs to carry out their innovation and scale-up activities. SMEs can apply individually to get support on:

  • Service#1 Business model elaboration: Support on business model assessment to ensure proper planning set, alignment with market requirements and conditions, etc.
  • Service#2 Technology expertise: Support on technology potential for given markets
  • Service#3 Internationalisation: Support on international diffusion of beneficiary/ solution to develop new business, to participate in matchmaking sessions and implement actions to maximise collaborations.
  • Service#4 Funding Opportunities: Support on exploring funding opportunities suitable to the SMEs’ mission and needs and on developing and submitting proposals to funding schemes.

Innovation Clubs & B2B Registrations are open –


Four sessions will be organized to encourage SMEs in proposing innovating solutions to the challenges and to form cross regional Consortia, one for every GALATEA topic and its challenges.

During each session, participants will be invited to collaborate following an innovative “design thinking” methodology in order to develop innovative ideas responding the challenges emitted by GALATEA.


  • 19th of January (9:00-11:30 CET):  Smart Ship
  • 19th of January (14:30-17:00 CET): Smart Ports
  • 21th of January (9:00-11:30 CET): Smart Shipyard
  • 21th of January (14:30-17:00 CET): Maritime Surveillance


  • 5th of February. 



GALATEA is implementing a 5-steps methodology towards the support of SMEs and allowing for the redistribution of at least 75% of the budget directly to SMEs.:

Challenge emergence: End-users identified in the 6 domains of interest are involved to list and analyse their actual needs and challenges;

Projects emergence: Innovative actors will be gathered during several events in order to favour project ideas and to give the opportunity to meet and share;

Innovation support: Open calls for proposal and for services will be launched to select SMEs offering a solution to the identified needs. They will get up to 60 000 € for the development of their solution and/or a coaching service offered by clusters partners;

Monitoring and evaluation: Funded project will be monitored and evaluate by the clusters partners to measure their impact;

Projects sustainability: GALATEA partners will ensure the sustainability of the funded project by investigating the possible next steps for the granted SMEs.




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GALATEA is an INNOSUP project, that is a cascade funding mechanism operated by clusters impacting a large number of SMEs. Indeed, 75% of the total budget of the project has to be redistributed to projects led by SMEs. It is a first simplified experience for SMEs to access EU funding.

Marek Grzybowski write to ” Blue Economy ” GALATEA – innovations in color blue;

Marek Grzybowski, SeaPort must be smart

GALATEA overall objective is the development of new cross-sectoral and cross-border industrial value chains, supporting in particular innovative SMEs and facilitated by clusters, to foster the development of Blue Growth key industries in Europe to be competitive at the global level.

This development will be based on the construction of new industrial value chains and the reconfiguration of existing ones driven by the integration of technologies and know-how from aerospace and ICT communities to the following Blue Growth domains: ports, ships, shipyards and maritime surveillance.

GALATEA will operate for 30 months and has a total budget of around € 3,7 million.

The consortium is based on the cooperation and experiences among 7 ICT, aerospace and maritime clusters, 1 research and technology organisation and 1 consultancy company. The project is led by Pôle Mer Mediterranée.

Building upon the consortium’s experience and competences, a cross sectoral and cross-border entrepreneurship acceleration program will be established. It will target SMEs that are members of the clusters participating to the project or established in the territories. GALATEA proposes a three-step methodology for supporting SME’s innovation projects, allowing the redistribution of at least 75% of budget directly to SMEs.

Marek Grzybowski write to ” eBlue Economy ” Autonomous ships in ports”,