Top 100 people supporting the decarbonisation of shipping


By Marek Grzybowski:

Ursula von der Leyen, Magda Kopczyńska, Frans Timmermans and Adina Vălean from the European Commission are among the top positions of “Lloyd’s List Top 100 People in Shipping for 2022”. The decisions made by the three Commissioners and the Director of Mobility and Transport have left a mark on international shipping that will last for years to come, according to Lloyd’s List Top 100 experts who designed a ranking of people who will have a decisive impact on changes in global maritime transport in the near future.

The 13th edition of the Lloyd’s List of 100 people who have an impact on the development of environmentally friendly shipping includes a group of people who have been actively working to protect the environment in maritime transport for years, as well as managers who have recently joined the development of sustainable shipping.

– Individual actions still matter in creating changes in shipping, even as the power of shipowners decreases. However, the decisive move in 2022 came from the European Commission. The European Union administration has outpaced the IMO by taking real action to combat climate change, according to the release informing about the “Lloyd’s List Top 100 People in Shipping for 2022” ranking.

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