Balticon – a new depot in Gdańsk on the TENT

The new Balticon facilities will contribute to increasing the efficiency of cargo movement on domestic and international routes. The establishment of a deep-water port for container ships in Gdańsk, a connection to the A1 motorway and the S7 fast route, as well as the modernization of railway routes have created a demand for container transport. The Baltic Hub in Gdańsk handles 2 million TEU of containers annually. As a result, there are more and more containers on the Gulf of Gdańsk. Therefore, you need to develop their service at the depot.

– We are glad that in the area belonging to InvestGDA, Balticon creates a new quality in the area of logistics development. The emergence of new, modern container depots has a significant impact on the development of intermodal transport in Pomerania, said Alan Aleksandrowicz, President of InvestGDA.

– The Intermodal Terminal at the Port of Gdansk is the first Balticon terminal. Its launch will enable us to reload full containers and create a bonded warehouse. It was created thanks to the huge help and co-financing of the European Union over PLN 11 million and cooperation with InvestGDA. Its location in the area of the fastest growing port in Europe is a guarantee of the success of the project – says Tomasz Szmid, President of the Management Board of BALTICON SA.

The new facility, equipment, reloading capacity and plans for the future were discussed by: Tomasz Szmid – President of the Management Board of BALTICON SA; Michał Magdziarz – Vice-President of the Management Board of BALTICON SA; Alan Aleksandrowicz – President of the Management Board of InvestGDA of the Gdańsk Economic Development Agency; Jakub Wojciechowski – Senior Sales and Service Manager at Kalmar Polska.

The storage and transshipment yard with an area of 6 ha is adapted to handle 75,000 TEU per year and store 7,700 TEU. There are 120 connections to refrigerated containers in the terminal. Customers will be able to use intermodal connections, as well as additional services, such as container storage and servicing. A customs warehouse will also be launched in the coming months.

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