10-year E-LASS anniversary

About a month ago, we celebrated our 10-year E-LASS anniversary through the 17th event in Las Palmas. It was a success and, after some struggles with the website, the presentations can now be found at www.e-lass.eu under Archive/Seminars. The month of May also marks the retirement of Tommy Hertzberg, the founder of E-LASS, whom I know has given many inspiration to build greatness.

Despite a couple of offers for organizing our next E-LASS #18, the 10-year anniversary also marks a new era for E-LASS. We started off with yearly events for 5 years and have in the last 5 years had about two events per year. In the coming years, events will instead take place every 2 years, and we aim for the next E-LASS in 2025. We believe this is in line with our new role to foster international/European exchange, supporting the national networks working more locally and meeting more frequently. E-LASS will continue to collaborate with the national networks and to support project dissemination, both through the organization of events and through our newsletter. So please let us know if you have information you would like to spread through the network or if you would like to include E-LASS as part of your project for dissemination.

With warm regards,
Franz Evegren

Contact: e-lass@ri.se
Website: e-lass.eu