Radio Gdańsk – Warships Production

In the last 30 years, the West has lost entire manufacturing sectors crucial to its security to China, including a large part of the shipbuilding industry. Global economic processes have led to the fact that the production of ships transporting goods has almost completely been transferred to the Far East. However, the tensions emerging in that region and the real threat of war call for an urgent reversal of this trend to a more sustainable one.

Polish shipyards still have the potential to undertake the construction of almost all transport units needed for the functioning of the Polish economy and our security in a situation of a global crisis and a breakdown in ship supplies from the Far East. However, investments are needed, especially in the part that produces for the needs of the Polish Navy.

The Polish shipbuilding industry has the intellectual and organizational potential to become a major player on the European market of warship manufacturers. The Kormoran series minehunters and the Delfin radio-electronic reconnaissance units, designed and built in Poland, are the fruit of Polish technical thought.

Production for the needs of the Navy has its own specificity and creates opportunities for a new opening for our industry in this production sector. The experience gained on Polish projects may open the way to other markets, which are becoming more and more absorptive. This could be a lucrative niche for our industry.

Iwona Wysocka spoke to Ireneusz Karaśkiewicz, director of the office of the FORUM OKRĘTOWE Employers’ Union, on this subject in the Radio Gdańsk broadcast “People and Money”.

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