Digital Baltic Conference – Naval Academy Gdynia


Baltic Sea is becoming internal NATO Sea with Finland as a new NATO member and Sweden membership in NATO is in progress. This new geopolitical situation along with Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine brings a lot of questions and issues for all of the NATO allies to discuss.

Cooperation between business, science and society is necessary to strengthen the defense of the Baltic Sea within NATO – he said
MARCIN OCIEPA Deputy Minister – Secretary of State, PL MoND.

Captured by the aforementioned NATO initiative: Digital Ocean, we decided on instilling the idea on a smaller scale: among the Baltic Sea Region countries, with NATO and EU Agencies participation. Strengthening the current and future cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region is the main aim of the conference. The Meeting and the discussions were organized in three separate and yet interpenetrating panels.

Within each of the panels were discussed from the strategic, military, scientific and industrial perspective, in line with the principle that these experts should always cooperate with one another, understanding each other’s needs and possibilities. As Theodore von Kármán put it: „ Scientific results cannot be used efficiently by soldiers who have no understanding of them, and scientists cannot produce results useful for warfare without an understanding of the operations”.

Taking part in this event were interesting from Baltic Sea Region perspective.


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