Is the Polish economy immune to external threats?

Przemysław Sztandera: “Companies will look at the stability of Poland”

The geopolitical situation in the world, especially the past coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine, make us ask questions about the resilience of the national economy to external threats. This was the problem that experts faced during the 6th Vision of Development Forum in Gdynia, where in the building of the Naval Academy they debated on the strength of Polish industry and the challenges it faces.

– If a multidimensional risk map were created, and it would be good if it were created for Poland, it would have several dozen dimensions of risk – said Przemysław Sztandera, president of the management board of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone. – Regarding large investors and the risks associated with the investment. Companies will look at Poland’s stability and security, mainly military, but also in terms of access to raw materials, especially when the policies of China and Turkey are highly unpredictable.

President Przemysław Sztandera drew attention to green energy and renewable energy, especially to their different interpretations.

– Large investors clearly say that they are not interested in green energy, they are interested in renewable sources, which they consider water, wind, sun and possibly biomass – added Przemysław Sztandera.

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