‘Offshore Wind – Logistics & Supplies’ Conference

This year`s edition of our ‘Offshore Wind – Logistics & Supplies’ Conference will be held in a new reality of Polish and other offshore wind markets in the Baltic Sea. Poland`s Government has extended the support scheme under CfD regime for at least 18 GW to be awarded by 2031. Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland have already opened the seabed leasing procedures. We still wait for the breakthrough in Sweden.

The above means almost 30 GW of capacity in offshore wind farms being under intensive development and construction by 2034-2040. We will achieve this goal only with strong support for and from local, stable and well-prepared supply chains in the Baltic Sea Region. It is our common goal as a sector to bolster the development of skills and capabilities of local industries for final success of smooth offshore wind sector growth in this part of Europe.

During the intensive two days of our Conference we will be together discussing and looking for the answers for the very concrete questions and issues related to this challenge:

  • How the good cooperation between developers, general contractors and subsuppliers should be organized and improved now and in the nearest future?
  • How to strengthen our best competences in order to build Tier 1 level capabilities and how to effectively fill the gaps in local supply chain?
  • Contracting regime in offshore wind – what are the legal issues of special concern and how to face the challenge to avoid unpleasant surprises from our contractors?
  • Offshore marine operations in Poland – what new competences and means are needed? Offshore wind reality vs. regulations
  • Technical design and certification made in Poland – how to achieve it?
  • Labor market in offshore wind sector – real picture, needs, system of education


These and way more topics will be deeply discussed on 20th and 21st of September in Gdynia.


Moreover this year:

  • constant b2b sessions organized by Norwegian, Dutch and French business missions
  • onboard visits on the first hydrogen CTV – unique HydroCat no. 55
  • and much more!


Let`s meet on 20-21 September 2023 in Gdynia and join forces with local supply chain for global offshore wind sector!­­­­­



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