ETIPWind – 1st European Wind Energy Competitiveness report

WindEurope as part of the contractual agreement we have with the European Commission for ETIPWind, worked with Deloitte earlier this year to develop the 1st European Wind Energy Competitiveness report.

 This report, which will be delivered on an annual basis, depicts the progress towards several competitiveness indicators of the wind energy sector including wind energy installations, contribution of wind energy to the EU GDP, trade balance, jobs or R&I expenditure.

The report is now publicly available. Here are the highlights:

  1. Industry turnover in 2022: €68.6bn.
    1. This includes revenues from all Wind Turbine manufacturers, developers, and component manufacturers.
  1. 58% of the industry turnover adds value to the EU economy (€40.3bn). The rest (42%) goes to payment to suppliers outside the EU, including European companies with manufacturing facilities abroad.
    1. This means for every €1,000 of revenues in wind, almost €600 stay in the EU.
  1. The contribution of the wind industry to the EU GDP in 2022 was €41.8bn (direct contribution+ indirect contribution + taxes not linked to corporate benefits).
  2. The wind industry generated €2.2 bn of value added to the EU economy in 2022 for each GW of onshore wind installed and €2.5 bn for each new GW of offshore wind.
    1. That means that on average every new onshore turbine added €9.2m to the EU economy and every new offshore turbine added €20.3m.
  1. In 2022 the wind energy industry paid €7bn of taxes.
  2. In 2022 wind energy sustained 300,000 jobs in the EU. The number of people employed in the industry has remained stable since 2019, even during the COVID-19 and energy crises in Europe.
  3. The wind industry exports €9bn of goods and services.
  4. The wind industry has decreased the investments in R&I since 2019 from an average of 5% to 3.12% in 2022. This is still in line the EU level of 2.3% of the GDP.
  5. There were only 83 patents were logged in Europe in 2021 (most recent available data).
  6. Wind energy generation avoided 138 million tons of CO2 in 2022. This would amount to €11.5bn using the average price of EU emission allowances in 2022 of €80.8/tCO2.
  7. Wind energy would add €104.2bn to the EU GDP by 2030 under the REPowerEU plan. That is 2.5 times more than the contribution in 2022.

You can find the full report attached and on the ETIPWind website here.