OEE2023 10th edition! Hague, 25/26 October, 2023

EU Commissioner Kadri Simson to attend OEE2023

European Commissioner for Energy,
Kadri Simsonwill attend  this year’s Ocean Energy Europe Conference & Exhibition, on its 10th anniversary edition in The Hague, The Netherlands, 25/26 October, 2023.

Commissioner Simson will deliver a keynote address on Wednesday 25 October,  in the main OEE2023 conference programme.

Ocean Energy Europe‘s CEORémi Gruet said: ”We’re delighted to welcome Commissioner Simson to our 10th anniversary conference and exhibition, for her third time participating in this event. Following her visit to the Netherlands last year to see ocean energy in action and the inclusion of ocean energy in the offshore renewables strategy, we are keen to hear from the commissioner what the EU has in store for the sector’s future.  We look forward to sharing with her the sector’s great progress!”
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OEE2023 Conference Programme:
Driving industry through innovation
The OEE2023 conference programme focuses on how Europe can secure an enduring advantage in the global race to net-zero by championing innovative technologies such as ocean energy.  Europe’s competitiveness and leadership depend on its ability to foster innovation, and ocean energy – indigenous, infinite, and highly predictable – is ready.
Session Focus – Tech Showcases 
Tidal Showcase –
The Path to Pilot Farms

Wednesday 25 October, 13:45 – 15:00Tidal stream technologies are on the rise, as there are more mature turbines and pilot farms in the ocean.  Developers will present their newest project and share their advances regarding device design, materials and cost reduction.
Wave Showcase – On the Wave to a Global Market
Thursday 26 October, 13:30 -14:45A range of developers from Europe and around the world will present their WECs (Wave Energy Converters) and give an insight into their future plans. This session will be an opportunity to hear about the latest developments in wave energy technology.
Session Focus – The Leader’s Discussion Making Ocean Energy happen here & now
Wednesday 25 October, 15:00 – 16:15
With a ‘reboot’ of the EU Offshore Strategy in the pipeline, it’s time for a critical look at what’s needed for Europe to remain a world leader in ocean energy. This is not just about funding – it’s also about political support, market creation, rewarding ocean energy’s unique value-add and getting all the right stakeholders onboard. The oceans are rising… so are we.
OEE2023 Full Conference Programme
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