Finalists of the 2023 Humans In Space Challenge!

We are thrilled to present the finalists of the 2023 Humans In Space Challenge. After meticulous, careful evaluation, we have selected a total of 25 remarkable finalists representing a diverse range of visionary researchers and innovative startups.

Among these finalists, we are thrilled to showcase 15 dynamic startup teams driven by an unwavering dedication to harnessing the unique attributes of space to tackle healthcare challenges on Earth and propel crewed space missions into uncharted territories. Their groundbreaking solutions hold the promise to redefine healthcare and catalyze the progress of space exploration.

In addition, we are honored to introduce 10 distinguished researchers, each a trailblazer in fields ranging from Cognitive and Immune Systems to Circulatory and Radiation in space. Their expertise and pioneering research are expediting us forward in the realm of human health, pushing boundaries in space and beyond.

Our finalists will embark on the upcoming Space Expansion Program, a series of workshops and mentorship sessions focused on improving their ideas for space exploration or utilization, to prepare for the final pitches at the HIS Symposium. The prestigious HIS Symposium will take place from October 23rd to 25th at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We invite you to visit and register for the HIS Symposium, co-located with AIAA ASCEND (Accelerating Space Commerce, Exploration, and New Discovery). Make sure to use the code “HIS2023” for an enhanced pre-event and onsite experience.

Join us in witnessing the future of humans in space!

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