Port of Gdansk – PLN 6 billion investment in the port infrastructure and security

By Marek Grzybowski

Port Gdańsk and other entities have invested PLN 6 billion in the port infrastructure and security. The main investors are the Port of Gdansk Authority, operators operating in the Port, the Maritime Office in Gdynia and Polish State Railways PLK.

According to forecasts, by 2023 the transhipment of over 80 million tons of bulk goods, liquid cargo and goods in containers should occur.

The Port of Gdansk is the fastest growing port of the last decade in Europe with impressive growth dynamics. The port ranks 8th in Europe after the first half of this year. Port of Gdansk ahead of Marseille, Barcelona, Constanta and Valencia.

– We carry out investments so that the port infrastructure is at the highest, world-class level. In the last two years, we have completed two key investments for the development of the port, co-financed by EU programs. We have deepened the waterway over a length of 7 km and modernized 5 km of quays in the Inner Port – informs the WNP.pl portal Kamil Tarczewski, vice-president of the Port of Gdansk Authority.

The Port of Gdańsk expanded the road and rail system in the Outer Port. As part of this project, 7 km of roads, 10 km of railway tracks and 4 new viaducts were built. The total value of these investments is over PLN 700 million. The reconstruction project of four quays with a total length of nearly 2 km in the Inner Port begins. The road and rail system in the hinterland of the Wiślane Quay will be expanded. The total value of new investments is PLN 713 million.

We have it! A grant agreement worth nearly EUR 100 million has been signed

The Port of Gdansk Authority signed a grant agreement regarding the project: “Improving the Port of Gdańsk infrastructure and analysing the implementation of a low-carbon OPS system for the sustainable development of the TEN-T network.” For the implementation of this task, Port of Gdańsk Authority S.A. has received nearly EUR 100 million in funding from the Connecting Europe Facility for 2021-2027.

The investment includes the reconstruction of four quays in the Inner Port area: This means the Wiślane, Bytomskie, Rudowe III and Węglowe quays, with a total length of 1,916 m, along with the necessary underground and railway infrastructure.

Tender procedures are currently underway to select contractors for the construction works on these quays.

The project also envisages the preparation of an “Analysis of the implementation of the onshore ship power supply system in the Port of Gdańsk (OPS – Onshore Power Supply).” The study will involve: analysis of the state of use of OPS systems for supplying ships with electricity from shore, assessment of demand, as well as a plan to implement this technology in the Port of Gdańsk.

The project is scheduled for 2023–2027.

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