Jens Meier, Chief Executive Officer of the Hamburg Port Authority – new President of the IAPH

Congratulations! We are pleased to announce the election of Jens Meier, Chief Executive Officer of the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) Anstalt öffentlichen Rechts, as the new President of the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH)!

Jens Meier, who previously served as Vice President for the European Region for four years and led the African Region between 2021 and 2022, will take over the leadership of the world’s largest organisation of Port Authorities from 2 November. He succeeds Captain K. Subramaniam Karuppiah.

Meier and the #HPA have supported the #IAPH for many years.
During his two-year term as President, Jens Meier will focus on strengthening the Port Authorities and their influence. “It is important to me to promote cooperation and synergies and to strengthen transparent leadership within the organisation,” said Jens Meier. “The main topics of my presidency will be geopolitical #resilience, #decarbonisation as well as #digitalisation: Geopolitical tensions have an impact on global trade routes and port activities. My aim is therefore to promote discussions and strategies to strengthen port resilience in the face of changing trade patterns. As a supporter of sustainable energy, I am also committed to accelerating decarbonisation in the port industry. The development of energy hubs in ports as part of the energy transition plays an important role here. Furthermore, I would like to work with all stakeholders to optimise processes through digitalisation. Initiatives such as autonomous trucks or robot-assisted maintenance of port infrastructure are at the heart of this vision.”

Info: Port of Hamburg