Poland and Israel have started cooperation in ensuring maritime economy security

  By Marek Grzybowski

“Innovations for the sea – building the ecosystem of the future” conference was held on March 13, 2024, at the Naval Academy in Gdynia. The conference was attended by representatives of companies and scientists from Poland and Israel. The day before, a delegation of companies from Israel visited the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone. These are the most important topics presented during the conference: Protection of maritime platforms and critical infrastructure; The role of academic institutions and international cooperation in maritime cybersecurity; Creating an innovative and safe marine ecosystem; Innovative CYBER/HLS solutions for the sea; Technology transfer from research to industry.

The conference was attended by, among others: representatives of the following entities from Israel and Poland: Israeli Embassy in Poland; Naval Academy in Gdynia; Magellanic; Port of Gdansk Authority S.A.; Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.; Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A.; Israel Export Institute; OBR CTM; Maritime Cybersecurity Center; Elbit Systems; Maritime University of Gdynia; Gdańsk University of Technology; Warsaw University of Technology; Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cybernetics Research Center; ISTAR &EW Division; Kontrop; Cyber 2.0; RBtec ; Magal; Teldor ; Corsight ; Magna BSP; Polish Nautological Society. Baltic Maritime and Space Cluster; Polish Ship Register.


– Thank you very much for deciding to accept our invitation – said the conference host, Jan Siemiński – Business Development Director, Trade with Israel in Poland.
– I come from Gdańsk, I come from a family with rich traditions in seafaring. These topics are close to my heart. I hope that today’s conference will not only be an opportunity to discuss new business partnerships – emphasized Siemiński.

– I have great pleasure and I am very happy to be the host of such an important event at the Naval Academy – said Rear Admiral Professor Tomasz Szubrycht, Rector of the Naval Academy.

– It’s great to see so many Poles and Israelis who want to cooperate on these important topics – said His Excellency Dr. Yacov Livne – Israeli ambassador to Poland.
– Our meeting is very important, especially when it comes to maritime issues and maritime safety. Israel generally claims that a nation that controls its sea is invincible, emphasized Dr. Yacov Livne.

Dr. Yacov Livne asked the question: what to do to ensure the resilience of our societies? The same applies to our ships, ships, contacts, people. These are certainly topics that will be discussed many times during the discussion today.



– 80 percent of trade takes place at sea. Therefore, the maritime industry is an important element in international and global trade, and even though it is an important part, it is not without challenges. There are geopolitical tensions in the Baltic Sea, the ongoing war in Israel and the blockade of certain trade routes – these are some of the challenges facing the maritime industry and the trade ecosystem around the world – said Bar Sandarovich – head of the Trade and Economic Mission, Embassy of Israel in Poland.

– We are joining forces and thanks to this, Poland and Israel have a chance to create a better, more secure maritime sector – which is good for us and for the world. Joint scientific research can combine expert knowledge from Israel with Poland’s maritime and war experience, said Bar Sandarovich.

– IT tools and technologies created in Israel are of high quality, high technological class and the highest level of security. The contact of our industry, including our defense industry, contact of scientists with representatives of Israeli business who came here to Gdynia for the conference is extremely important because we are creating a new quality together. We are participating in building a knowledge and technology platform at the highest level and it is worth using it, said Marek Grzybowski, President of the Baltic Maritime and Space Cluster for the Pulsarowy.pl protal.

The working part of the conference program included the following panels and presentations:

PANEL DISCUSSION: Shaping an innovative and safe marine ecosystem. Participants: Bar Sandarovich, Head of the Trade and Economic Mission (Israel Embassy in Poland); Dr. Beata Szymanowska, Head of the Research and Technology Development Department (Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.); Dariusz Jaguszewski – President of the Management Board (Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A.)
KEY LECTURE: Protection of maritime platforms and critical infrastructure, Vitaly Glants, senior director, ISTAR and EW department (Elbit Systems).
PANEL DISCUSSION: Innovative Cyber/HLS solutions for the maritime sector. Participants: Meir Avidan, chairman of the Israeli advisory board of HLS Industries (Israel Export Institute); Marcin Wiśniewski, President of the Management Board (OBR CTM); Dr. Eng. Jakub Syta – deputy director of MCC – Maritime Cybersecurity Center, Naval Academy in Gdynia; Vitaly Glants, Senior Director, ISTAR and EW Division (Elbit Systems)

KEY LECTURE: Stay ahead of the drone threat, Meir Avidan, Chairman of the Israeli Advisory Board of HLS Industries (Israel Export Institute)
PITCHING SESSIONS (promotional): Israeli technologies for securing maritime critical infrastructure. Presentations of the following companies: Controp; Cyber 2.0; RBtec ; Magal; Teldor; Corsight; Magna BSP
KEY LECTURE: The role of academic institutions and international cooperation in maritime cybersecurity, Omree Wechsler, senior researcher (Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center)

PANEL DISCUSSION: Technology transfer from academia to industry. Participants (according to the program): prof. Mariusz Zdrojek, Vice-Dean for Science and Development (Warsaw University of Technology); Mariusz Machajewski, President of the Management Board (Excento); Omree Wechsler, senior researcher (Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cybernetics Research Center).

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