Centimeter-Precise Navigation at the Port of Gdynia

On 5 October 2018, at the seat of Port of Gdynia Authority S.A., a contract with NavSim Polska Sp. z o. o. was signed for the implementation of local high-precision navigation system, the so called RTK, i.e. maritime reference station. Implementation of such an efficient tool will enable imaging real vessel movement with great precision, with the measurements taken to a millimeter.

The investment job is to first of all increase navigation security at the Port of Gdynia, but also to enable guiding vessels at zero visibility, which will mean timely handling of ships”, says Grzegorz Dyrmo, Vice President of the Port of Gdynia Authority S.A.

Completion of works and system launch are planned in approximately 9 weeks. It is worth underlining that it is the second such implementation in the world. It can therefore be said that the Port of Gdynia, next to the Port of Świnoujście, will be one of the world’s most secure ports in terms of navigation.

Source: Gdynia Port Authority, Photo: Marek Grzybowski

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