Hydromega in 2018

The year 2018 was for Gdynia’s Hydromega Sp. z o.o. very important – the company celebrated its 30th anniversary on the market. The jubilee year has passed for the company in terms of establishing new valuable business relationships, implementing further production equipment and successfully closing projects implemented in cooperation with the largest companies from the industry. The construction of a drawbridge to the Sobieszewska Island was one of the most important projects in which Hydromega took part last year. As part of the bridge construction, specialists from the company were responsible for solutions in the field of power hydraulics and automation.

According to forecasts, the maritime economy in 2018 systematically generated demand for both products, i.e. complete ship equipment and services, including the assembly of hydraulic systems on units built in Poland. As a result, the production, the assembly of hydraulic systems and the service of hydraulic equipment are the strong pillars of Hydromega.

One of the greatest achievements that took place at the beginning of 2018 was the completion of the Demonstrator+ project “Specialized vehicles line for renovation/protection treatments in water and mud environment “. The project was carried out in the Consortium with WAT, PIMR, IO Kraków and Hydromega Sp. z o.o., who was also the leader of the consortium. As part of the cooperation, three vehicles were created: a vehicle for the reconstruction of drainage ditches, a vehicle for mowing wetlands and a transport vehicle.

Thanks to cooperation with the CRIST shipyard in Partnership with RHS – Hydroster from Grupa Remontowa Holding Hydromega, it had the opportunity to participate in the construction of the passenger-car ferry “Elektra” with an innovative hybrid drive that won the title of the “Ship of the Year” category in the Marine Propulsion Awards. Another success was the signing the Consortium Agreement in Partnership with RHS and AMEK Offshore for the supply of hydraulic systems with equipment for two Kormoran II units.

The second half of 2018 began with the acceptance of the command of the Komenda Portu Wojennego in Świnoujście on the ORP Sarbsko trawler for renovation works. The contractor of the task was a consortium consisting of the Maritime Technology Center of the Gdańsk University of Technology and the Net Marine company. Hydromega specialists worked at the ship as the subcontarctors for the Net Marine company. During the International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce a remote controlled robot, ExMot, was presented. The robot was created in cooperation of Hydromega with the Military University of Technology.