Autonomous ships – BSSC PAS & Gdańsk TU Conference

Space Sciences Committee Polish Academy of Sciences / Gdansk Branch and Gdansk University of Technology in cooperation with the Baltic Sea & Space Cluster has organised  a joint conference entitled “Autonomous ships – Inevitable reality at sea” in  Gdansk University of Technology, Gdansk in 19th March 2019.  Welcome was done by Prof. Jacek Namieśnik, Rector of Gdansk University of Technology.  Prof Zdzisław Brodocki informed abou main goals and programme of the conference.

The introductory lecture was delivered by prof. Osiris Alejandro Valdez Banda from Aalto University in Finland. Autonomous ships can bring many benefits, such as cost reduction, more efficient use of energy, etc. Currently, the flourishing of research on autonomous units and attempts to build the first such intelligent ships raise many questions, including how to ensure that autonomous units are at least safe as the most advanced vessels currently operating in international and territorial waters. It is also a challenge for legislation, to create legal acts parallel to the advancement of technologies related to autonomous ships and to find ways to effectively manage the safety and risk of such units – says prof. Osiris Alejandro Valdez Banda Aalto University in Finland.

“Young Stars” Session was chaired by Dr. Paweł Chyc.  About   Sea navigation – challenges of the control algorithm for autonomous sailing units, was presentation by Daria Lewandowska, SIMLE Student Science Organisation, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Gdansk University of Technology, Project DUCKIET as a platform for teaching and popularizing issues related to autonomous vehicles and autonomous port, presented  Adam Strużyński (Assotiation of Robotics SKALP).  Green technologies for autonomous vehicles developed by students science  club K.S.T.O. KORAB is the subject of presentation prepered by  Piotr Pruszko and Piotr Swatowski, Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology, Gdansk University of Technology. About  Legal policy aspects of the autonomous ships, informed  Wojciech Zawadzki (Student). Jakub Zdroik (SEARIS Start up) presented ROV – the ship supports the research of scientists in the Arctic regions.


Applications’ Session was chaired by Prof. Marek Grzybowski. Introduction to practical aspects of autonomous ships was prepared and presentaed by  MarekKac and Wiktorai Jans,  Nauta Shipyard Ltd.  The presentations about CADOR CONSULTING  solutions useful in the design of autonomous vessels and in the management of production processes were prepared by  Grzegorz Kozłowski and Łukasz Piasecki. About the threat factors of a hacker attack and cybersecurity informed Dariusz Włodarczyk, IMPEL  GROUP.  About the hydraulic systems used on hybrid autonomous ships, the presentation was prepared by Mirosław Michałowski i Zbigniew Zienowicz. on the specificity of training of autonomous ships operators and threats resulting from human error in the control of a traditional and autonomous ship explained cpt. MSc, Zbigniew Byczyński, Master Mariner, The GDYNIA MARITIME SCHOOL Gdynia. Prof. Mirosław Gerigk discussed the practical aspects of designing autonomous ships and autonomy of  double-mode maritime vehicles.

The conference was accompanied by a show of an autonomous ship prepared by Mieczysław Lang (ECHOGRAM)  in Towing Tank of the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology. 




Research Session was chaired by Prof. Mirosław Gerigk. During the session the following papers were presented: Control system configuration of marine autonomous surface,  by Prof. R. Śmierzchalski, Gdansk University of  Technology;   Autonomous platforms – challenge and responsibility for engineering  education and research, by Prof. Henryk Lasota, Gdansk University of Technology; UUV and AUV vehicles as the autonomous systems for navy applications, by Prof. Lech Rowiński, Gdansk University of  Technology; Challenges, solution proposals and research directions in safety and risk assessment of autonomous shipping, by Prof. Jakub Montewka, Gdynia Maritime University; Hybrid propulsion for future smart and green Autonomous Ships – prof. Wojciech Litwin, the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology.

The conference is a great success of Polish engineering thought, start-ups and student science circles. The presentations and discussion  have shown that Polish engineers are able to develop and polish shipyard can produce autonomous hybrid ships, including ensuring their physical security and cybersecurity.

In front of the Senate of GUT Room the Baltic Sea &Space Cluster Memebrs presented activities of companies in the field related to the subject of the conference.