CORAL project – a comprehensive analytical platform for small and medium ports

In the CORAl project, SeaData from Gdynia, BGEO from Barcelona and Water Robotics from Montpellier created a comprehensive analytical platform for small and medium-sized ports.

Created by SeaData, BGEO and Water Robotics, the platform performs environmental monitoring using water and air drones collecting data on water and air pollution. Buoys and YetiBox are used for constant monitoring of the most important parameters. The CORAL project platform has systems for monitoring vessel traffic in a port or marina and for managing wharfs and reservations. A simple interface was used to communicate with the vessels, the quay booking calendar and accurate data about each vessel in the vicinity of the port, including its position in real time. The whole is complemented by databases, including GIS and satellite data.

The CORAL project was implemented in Poland as part of the GALATEA program conducted in Poland by the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster. Co-financing comes from Horizon 2020.

GALATEA stands for “Grow and AcceLerate your smArt projecTs in nEw value chAins of the European Blue Economy”

GALATEA Blue Growth Accelerator selects and supports 14 innovative projects led by SMEs across Europe

A great success for the first GALATEA Blue Growth Accelerator Call for vouchers with 76 projects submitted by innovative SMEs across 5 European countries

This call aims to support the development of innovative cross-sectoral and cross-border technologies, services or products addressing the 22 challenges identified in 4 key Blue Growth domains: Smart Port, Smart Ship, Smart Shipyard and Maritime Surveillance.

25 selected SMEs will get direct financial support from the voucher scheme (1.259.958€ in total) to undertake development and technology transfer activities, prototyping projects, and large-scale demonstration projects that aim to tackle challenges related to energy, logistics, environment, digitalisation, service development, security and manufacturing.

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