Rotterdam. Reloading in the shadow of war and sanctions

In the 9 months of 2022, the terminals in Rotterdam handled almost the same volume of cargo as last year. It was 351 million tonnes and 0.3% more in the first nine months of 2022.

– There are some fundamental differences, especially due to the war in Ukraine, sanctions against Russia and changes in global energy flows. For example, much larger quantities of coal and LNG were imported as alternatives to Russian natural gas. Container handling has decreased, especially as a result of the loss of trade with Russia, reports the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

“The total volume gives the impression that everything is normal in the port. But there have been big changes, especially with regard to LNG and coal. They indicate that the energy landscape has changed drastically,” emphasizes Allard Castelein, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority. He explains that “with high energy prices, the particularly energy-intensive chemical industry is having a hard time. A faster energy transition makes us less dependent on geopolitical developments in the long run.”

“In the short term, we must do everything we can to sustain the chemical industry, which is so important to our society,” Castelein points out.

Source: Port of Rotterdam THIRD-QUARTER FIGURES 2022

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