Floating Wind Days 2023 Haugesund

By Marek Grzybowski, BSSC

The global floating offshore wind industry attended the conference May 24-25 in Haugesund on the west coast of Norway. Norway´s first floating offshore wind park Utsira Nord is on auction.  Norway  hosts an international meeting  dedicated to floating offshore wind technology and development. The Floating Wind Days 2023 was organized by the industry organization Norwegian Offshore Wind, managed by Arvid Nesse. The FWD volunteers teem, coordinated efficiently by John and supported by Caroline, contributed to the effective and efficient organization of the conference.

– The conference was attended by 750 managers and high-class experts, leaders of offshore wind energy from 20 countries – said Arne Vatnøy, Communication Manager, Norwegian Offshore Wind, dynamically opening the conference.

Delegations are coming in from the US, Japan and South Korea, as well as the main European markets. Japan will have the biggest delegation, following the recent signing of an MOU between Japan Wind Power Association and Norwegian Offshore Wind. Norwegian Cluster  was an organiser behind Floating Wind Days 2023.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre opened the conference by speaking about the energy situation in Europe and the strategy for the dynamic development of Norwegian renewable energy. The Norwegian industry now hope to see a clear plan for the further process around new offshore wind parks. Norway has been ranked number two among the world’s most interesting markets for floating offshore wind – said, among others, Jonas Gahr Støre, the Prime Minister of Norway during an efficiently conducted conversation by Arne Vatnøy.

The UK way to offshore green energy potential discussed Melanie Onn, Senior advisor in Blakeney Group and Former Member of Parliament. The development of green energy and the California progress toward 100% cleen electricity was extensively presented – David Hochschild, Chair of California Energy Commission. Floating wind and the future presented  Ditlev Engel, CEO, DNV. 300 GW in 2050 goal created demand for 20 000 turbines. Derived demand will generate demand for 47 000 array cables, 70 000 mooring lines, 100 mln tons of steel – he calculated. The core of the European Green Deal Nicolas de la Grandville, EU discussed extensively.

An important part of the Floating Wind Days 2023 were presentations of national strategies for the development of offshore wind energy and the presentation of the METCentre Excursion. And the most important is the opportunity to meet experts and professionals, time to exchange experiences and new ideas.


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