Polish & Norway Clusters meeting in Innovation Norway Trondheim

The presentation of the Innovation Norway policy was made by  Stein Ivar Strøm, Deputy Director at Innovation Norway, Trondheim, Trøndelag, Norway.

Norwegian Innovation Clusters is a programme aimed to support activities in industrial business clusters composed of companies competing internationally informed Stein Ivar Strom.

– The “Business Development and Innovation” programme is carried out as part of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014–2021 and the EEA (European Economic Area) Financial Mechanism 2014–2021. Polish Agency for Enterprise Development is the Programme Operator responsible for Programme management and implementation, conducting calls for proposals and granting funds to the selected projects. The Programme will be implemented in partnership with Innovation Norway as the Donor Programme Partner, infored  Artur Janusz, Entrepreneurship Support Department, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.



The meeting was organized by the team from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development Justyna Kizlich and Artur Janusz and Aneta Małachowska. The visit was supported by Konrad Konieczny, Programme Officer, EEA & Norway Grants at Innovation Norway.

Norwegian Innovation Clusters (NIC) was established in June 2014. NIC continues the supply of services that until then had been given through the programmes Arena (since 2002) and Norwegian Centres of Expertise (NCE) (since 2006), as well as introducing a new programme called ‘Global Centres of Expertise’ (GCE). The aim of NIC is to set up and strengthen cooperative innovation projects in business clusters, focusing on increasing companies’ ability to innovate and their competitiveness.