BlueTech Week – San Diego – November 13-16th, 2023

lueTech Week has long been known as one of the first conferences in the world that promotes the latest and greatest innovations in sustainable ocean and water technologies. Coming from industry, policy, and academia, the speakers and attendees who attend are always fascinating and inspiring. Not to mention that the commercial connections made among the attendees have always made coming to this show highly worthwhile.

Based on this, we are thrilled to announce that our 15th annual BlueTech Week will occur from November 13th-16th! This auspicious anniversary not only gives us a reason to celebrate but motivates us to put on our best show yet. “Best” to us means providing an agenda that presents multiple angles, perspectives, and activities that lead to a multi-faceted, total quality (and highly worthwhile) result. The following is what you can expect to get at this year’s BlueTech Week:


  1. Fascinating programming, companies, and speakers in this year’s target sectors (full agenda to be revealed next week)
  2. Maximum connections to commercial opportunities
  3. An intention to bring buyers of specific technologies to the show
  4. “Problem-sourcing” brain trust seminars that seek to resolve long-standing industry-specific problems and enable structured, ongoing collaborative potentials after BlueTech Week ends
  5. The facilitation of actively engaged participation
  6. An exposition featuring hungry upstart companies with highly innovative technologies
  7. Conference facilities at two gorgeous waterfront locations (Marriott San Diego Downtown Bayfront and Scripps Institution of Oceanography’s Seaside Forum), which will include sponsored after-show refreshments (and beautiful views).

If the above motivates you to attend our 15th annual BlueTech Week, save the dates (November 13-16) and look for our preliminary agenda, which we will reveal next week!

More info: Matt Classen, Executive Director, TMA BlueTech