Nauta Shipyard joins the Polish Maritime Technology Forum

The Polish Maritime Technology Forum has gained another important member – Nauta Remontowa Shipyard joins their ranks.

Last week, at the headquarters of Stocznia Remontowa Nauta, the declaration of joining the group of members of the Polish Maritime Technology Forum was signed by the president of the shipyard, Monika Kozakiewicz. The document was officially handed over to the president of PFTM, Mateusz Kowalewski.

Remontowa Nauta Shipyard has been a member of the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster for many years. The Baltic ZEV HUB operates in the cluster, dealing with the construction of zero-emission ships and the conversion of traditional ships into environmentally friendly ships.

Many women work in managerial positions at Stocznia Remontowa Nauta. last year President Monika Kozakiewicz hosted ladies from WISTA POLAND.