PERN and the Port of Gdynia will invest PLN 400 million in fuel handling

Around PLN 400 million will be invested by PERN and the Port of Gdynia Authority S.A., thanks to which the capacity of the PERN fuel base in Dębogórze will increase.
The management boards of both companies signed an agreement, the main assumption of which is the unloading of tankers with a deadweight of over 120,000 tons. tonnes and the possibility of storage and quick distribution of products in the interior of the country.
The investments of both companies result from a significant increase in the demand for servicing ever larger tankers delivering petroleum products to Poland. This trend was strongly reinforced by the market turmoil caused by the outbreak of war in Ukraine. Since then, fuels have been delivered to Poland from more and more distant directions, and importers expect the possibility of servicing ever larger tankers.

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