Polish Nuclear Power Plant on the Baltic coast

Gdańsk Radio: Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe announced that it had submitted an application to the Pomeranian Voivode for a location decision for the first nuclear power plant in Poland to be built in Pomerania in the Choczewo commune.

The decision will provide the company with access to the necessary land both onshore and offshore. The government has allocated over PLN 900 million for the construction of the pier – it is a marine structure, over a kilometer long, intended for unloading elements of the planned nuclear power plant in Pomerania. Poland will have clean electricity when this power plant is built, and energy independence will gain stronger foundations.

Iwona Wysocka, the editor, asked questions about the local and economic importance of the “People and Money” programme. Answered by prof. Marek Grzybowski, president of the Baltic Maritime and Space Cluster, and Mateusz Kowalewski, president of the Polish Forum of Marine Technologies.

Mateusz Kowalewski: We have over 200 nuclear power plants in Europe, many of them are located in the coastal zone, in the coastal belt – and such a location here guarantees a number of advantages both in terms of construction and later operation of such a power plant. Certainly, the landscape of the coastal zone where the nuclear power plant will be built will change. This entire energy system will be coupled with new investments in offshoring, it will also be a supplementary element when it comes to the future of the energy sector, i.e. hydrogen, energy storage.

Prof. Marek Grzybowski: The nuclear power plant is not only important for this small region, but it is important in the region of Northern Poland and the Baltic Sea region. It must be built close to the coast, because water is essential for its functioning. Therefore, it will have an impact on the surroundings and the environment. The nuclear power plant on the coast in the north of Poland will be an element of energy security of our country and region. And it will be one of the elements of powering the energy system in the Baltic Sea region, which will be based on power from renewable sources. The power plant will be an element supporting energy communities, because we have such technologies that we can create local communities that are based on the creation of renewable energy – in Poland based on the sun and wind, but also biotechnologies and technologies related to the use of hydrogen. Therefore, we must perceive the nuclear power plant primarily as a zone ensuring energy security of our country and cooperating countries.

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