ORP “Lwów” – 100 years ago on the equator


By Marek Grzybowski

100 years ago, the Polish sailing ship “Lwów” crossed the equator. The ship sailed across the equator on its way to Brazil with Polish students and Polish goods on its way to Brazil.

The training ship “Lwów” under the Polish flag reached not only the ports of the Baltic and the North Sea. With cargo and listeners, he sailed to the waters of the Mediterranean, Black Sea and the Atlantic. Where it moored, it caused a sensation and interest with its unusual appearance, white-and-red flag and Polish crew. In many ports, residents and local authorities organized special meetings and parties for the staff and Polish seafarers. “Lwów” carried the Polish flag to many ports. It has been through many storms.

The sailing ship ended its service under the white and red flag in 1929. After that, the baton was taken over by “Dar Pomorza”, which on July 13, 1930 raised the flag in the dynamically expanding Gdynia.

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