Virtual Scotland-Germany Matchmaking Days – 5 – 6 September 2023

How can Earth Observation Technologies solve challenges in Land Management?


The digitisation of agriculture and forestry is advancing. Crucial in this context is earth observation data obtained by satellites and its intelligent use, especially with regard to the increasing challenges posed by climate change. Early warning systems to prevent crop failure due to drought or pests, yield forecasts, optimization of irrigation and fertilization, or the prevention of forest fires are just a few examples of how modern technologies can improve land management and increase environmental protection.

Both Germany and Scotland are committed to climate goals and have an excellent space sector, which is why we would like to connect stakeholders through a focused digital event.



  • Introducing Scottish and German companies to stakeholders, potential buyers and partners active in land management (agriculture, forestry) in both countries in order to facilitate new potential collaboration opportunities in trade and R&D
  • Deepening ties between Scotland and Germany via increased dialogue and information sharing as to capabilities and solutions in order to resolve current issues


  • Presentations about key players in land management, their needs and key challenges, overview about capabilities in space technologies with a focus on applications for agriculture and forestry, as well as R&D and other projects in both countries
  • Company pitching sessions
  • Networking through 1:1 matchmaking (pre-booked online meetings) on 5. September from 13:00-18:00 CET and on 6. September from 10:00-17:00 CET
  • Detailed Agenda and Speakers


  • Key challenges in Land Management and how Space Technologies can help to solve them with a special focus on:
    • Climate risks and adaptation (e.g. severe storms, fires, heat waves, flooding, extreme drought, water scarcity)
    • Biological risks (e.g. subsequent mass reproduction of bark beetles, new pests)
    • Carbon farming, including soil carbon sequestration, reforestation, agroforestry, peatland restoration
  • Selected new technologies and approaches from Scotland and Germany
  • New opportunities by emerging space and climate technologies

The event will explore emerging climate technologies from satellites, artificial intelligence, and data, mapping to sensors and big data. It will feature leading space, data and agricultural, forestry experts offering latest industry expertise and perspectives.

Who can register?

  • Companies based in Germany and Scotland providing solutions to solve problems in land management looking for clients or partners in the German or Scottish market
  • Stakeholders from agriculture or forest management looking for new technologies
  • Insurances looking for solutions in earth observation helping to monitor and validate insurance cases
  • Research organizations and universities interested in collaboration partners for joint R&D projects
  • Clusters and associations from both countries
  • Investors who want to find qualified Scottish and German companies

Register on this website for the event and pre-schedule business meetings with representatives from space institutions and companies located in Scotland and Germany.

By registering, you can set up your profile and send out your meeting requests. Use the platform to expand your network and individual B2B contacts!

This option will be activated on 21st August


Why participate?

  • As a company, organisation, R&D institute or university, insurance – find partners to discuss new technology and innovative solutions and find new customers and partners
  • As investor – find qualified Scottish and German companies during effective one-to one meetings
  • Matchmaking for all – Participants are invited to request matchmaking meetings by reviewing participant profiles. Meetings can be scheduled according to your personal availability.

The Event is organized by Scottish Development International (SDI) and in cooperation with the Scottish Government, GlobalScots, ZENIT as part of the Enterprise Europe Network, the office of the Free State of Bavaria in the UK, as well as Space2Agriculture INNOSpace network.

Why Scotland and Germany?

Over a few short years Scotland has developed a world class space industry, which is growing faster in Scotland than any other part of the UK aiming to reach a worth of £4 billion by 2030, as set out by the Scottish Space Strategy. The city of Glasgow manufactures more small satellites than any other city in Europe; Edinburgh hosts Europe’s largest centre for informatics and is the location of over 170 data science companies. In fact, Scotland is home to around 1/5 of the UK’s space workforce, currently employing 8,440 people in the industry.
Scotland’s coastlines and landscapes are not only beautiful and idyllic, but also are an ideal location for spaceports, and will be home to 5 of the 7 proposed in the UK, and the only vertical launch spaceports in the UK. This means that designing, manufacturing and launching small satellites can all be done in Scotland.

The German space sector is the second-biggest in Europe. It is at the forefront of research, climate study and technological innovation. Germany’s space policy is oriented towards improving human life, ensuring sustainability and strong international cooperation. Germany has won a reputation as a reliable supplier of technology, and a welcome co-operation partner. For many years and in many fields, German space technology has become an engine of the country’s economic development and an important factor in promoting Germany as a business location.

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