EuroSkills Gdańsk 2023
European Championship of Young Professionals

EuroSkills is the biggest vocational education and skills excellence event in Europe. Held every two years.
EuroSkills Gdańsk 2023 is the eighth edition of the EuroSkills Competition.

Poland will organise EuroSkills for the first time.


EuroSkills Gdańsk 2023 will welcome 600 young professionals under the age of 25 from 32 countries to participate in competitions and demonstrations in 43 different skills and trades.

Competitors at EuroSkills represent the best of their peers nationally and are selected to compete at EuroSkills after taking part in national competitions held in WorldSkills Europe Member countries. At EuroSkills, Competitors must demonstrate technical abilities both individually and collectively to execute specific tasks for the skills they are studying and will perform in the future. EuroSkills Competitors are challenged to complete a test project or series of projects within strict time frames over the course of three days. The projects demand complex technical knowledge and capabilities that the young people are learning and mastering through their studies and work-place training.