PRS and CTO supported Nelton Design in the Kontroler class ship design

Nelton Design informed: We’re pleased to announce that both NT-170-01 vessels (Kontroler-31 & 35) for the Chief Sea Fisheries Inspectorate have been successfully commissioned and prepared to contribute to further strengthening of marine fisheries protection system by increasing inspection abilities in the Baltic Sea waters. Kontroler-31 in Ustka, Kontroler-35 in Kolobrzeg.

That specifically pleases us as Nelton Design was responsible for full design process from the scratch (concept) through initial design, stability, class documentation, strength calculations and detail engineering, ending at as built documentation.

Successful project completion would not be possible without all party’s commitment and joint, effective cooperation of multiple entities from our local, Polish shipbuilding industry. Special thanks to the general contractor, heir of the Ustka shipyard – Euro Industry, which, after winning the “design and build” tender, entrusted us with the entire design scope.

Countless man-hours of engineering, creation and cooperation. Dozens of project meetings – smooth and turbulent and even more obstacles overcome led us to mutual success. We’re convinced that all jointly acquired knowledge and experience will bear fruit for the next years of activity in the broadly understood shipbuilding industry.

We would like to thank Centrum Techniki Okrętowej S.A. (CTO) for their contribution to the project. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) hull resistance analysis performed by such experienced institution, which additionally confirmed our previous resistance calculations allowed us to sleep peacefully during further engineering works without worrying about maintaining the contact speed – so crucial for the project execution. Polski Rejestr Statków S.A. (PRS) was responsible for technical design approval and construction works supervision, which additionally emphasizes gravity of the project. Additional thanks to suppliers and subcontractors for their participation without which project implementation within given time frame would not be possible: Alphatron Marine Poland; EEC Electro; POWERAS; Termika

Short recall of ships characteristics:
Hulls were made of steel unlike the wheelhouses which were made of aluminum alloys in order to lower ship’s center of gravity to an acceptable level. Operation area of ​​Controllers is ​​the Baltic Sea basin – up to 200 [nm] from the nearest port of refuge. Fuel and water supplies provide autonomy up to 10 days at sea.

Length over all – 25,70 m
Length between p.p. – 23,50 m
Breadth – 6,15 m
Depth Main Deck – 3,10 m
Design draught – 1,90 m

For main dimensiosn and technical details see Shipcard: