Polish Maritime Industry – Cruise with the GospodarkaMorska.pl

By Marek Grzybowski

The 3rd conference at sea “Cruise with GospodarkaMorska.pl” took place on September 25-27 on board the Nova Star ferry. Representatives of business and financial institutions related to the maritime industry met to discuss maritime industries. The meetings took place during the journey across the sea.

About 150 participants took part in this year’s edition. 25 experts took part in the discussion panels. Maritime business was discussed during five thematic panels. The main topics of the panels were: directions of energy transformation, new technologies in maritime transport, directions of development and cooperation of shipyards and ports, financing of projects in the maritime industry, including the construction of offshore wind farms.
During the break of the cruise, we visited Stockholm and the Vasa Ship Museum.

Cruise with GospodarkaMorska.pl, panel I: Polish shipyards with orders and unfulfilled promises, but without staff [REPORT]

Cruise with GospodarkaMorska.pl, panel II: We are still building competences, we will also build ships [REPORT]

Cruise with GospodarkaMorska.pl, panel III: A culture of innovation needs to be created in Poland [REPORT]

Cruise with GospodarkaMorska.pl, panel IV: Banks and insurers are also learning about offshore, but the greatest risk is at the political level

Cruise with GospodarkaMorska.pl, panel V: Shipyards need ports, ports need shipyards, and everyone together needs education [REPORT]