CRIST. MPP transferred to the shipowner

By Marek Grzybowski

The specialized pontoon has been designed to lay gravel on the seabed on which elements of the underwater tunnel that will connect Germany and Denmark will be laid.

The international consortium Femern Link Contractors ordered a pontoon at the shipyard. The consortium is implementing a project to build an 18-km Femern Link tunnel, connecting the German E47 in Fehrman  with the Danish E47 IN  Rødbyhavn on the island of Lolland.

MPP has a device for spreading gravel to the seabed.  The ship and device were built at the CRIST shipyard. StoGda supported CRIST and developed the design to the Detail Design phase and provided complete Workshop Documentation.

The gravel spreading device is remotely controlled. The device is lowered under the hull of the barge to 46 meters below the waterline. The MPP hull is 130 meters long. The entire unit with the transmission equipment is 149 meters long. There will be 14,000 in two cargo compartments. tons of gravel.