Baltexpo 2023 has sailed to the wide seas

By Marek Grzybowski

The great strength of this year’s edition of Baltexpo was its diversity, not only in the rich event agenda, but also in the exhibition space. The organizers treated the maritime industry holistically, understanding and emphasizing its complexity.

Baltexpo 2023 took place at the Gdańsk International Fair AmberExpo from October 12 to 14 this year. Over two hundred exhibitors from 15 countries registered. Baltexpo 2023 was visited by over 5,000 representatives of business, administration, universities and scientific institutes, as well as high school students.

During Baltexpo 2023, there were also conferences on topics related to ship construction and repairs, port operations on the global market, and the construction of offshore wind farms. There was a competition for startups and a Career Day with job offers for high school and university graduates.