Port of Gdańsk – Deepwater – a unique property on a European scale

Deepwater – a unique property on a European scale, located in the deep-water part of the Port of Gdansk Authority, directly at the Ore Pier, is a unique opportunity for potential investors. Port of Gdansk Authority S.A. has just announced a tender for its long-term lease. The area is almost 24 hectares in size and is to be partly developed for grain handling.

🌽 The area is covered by an active permit for the construction of a terminal for the handling of agricultural goods. ZMPG is awaiting offers to diversify the cargo groups handled.
The property has enormous potential. Its unique l
and ocation, in the deep-water part of the Port of Gdansk, combined with investments, both on the land and water side, carried out recently by ZMPG S.A., PKP PLK the Maritime Office in Gdynia, is a guarantee of success 💪 for the business located there. In addition, the area is covered by a current planning permission, which includes railway tracks, a car park, roads and hydro-technical infrastructure for mooring ships, as well as the infrastructure necessary for the storage and handling of grain. According to the local zoning plan, the property is intended for production and service development. 🏗 The unquestionable asset of the property is its excellent communication.
More than two years ago, the modernisation of the internal traffic system located came to an end, the aim of which was to bring rail and road traffic to the deep-water transhipment terminals.