Frederick X Kingof Denmark laid the foundation stone for the construction of the VESTAS factory in Szczecin

By Marek Grzybowski

Frederick X, King of Denmark, laid the foundation stone for the construction of a gondola factory for offshore wind farms by the Danish company Vestas.

The plant will be built in Szczecin, in Ostrów Brdowski. The halls and infrastructure at the former ST3 Offshore factory will be used. New halls will be added to the existing halls. Vestas employs 350 people in Szczecin.

Vestas will produce nacelle in Szczecin. This is the upper part for the turbines. Nacelle is the upper deck of a wind turbine. It is located above a turbine covered with panels. Nacelle will be designed for Vestas V236-15.0 megawatt offshore turbines. Nacelle will be produced in Szczecin for the Polish market, but also for the European and global markets.

Photos: Radio Szczecin

Photos: Vestas