INNOVATIONS IN MARITIME: BUILDING ECOSYSTEM OF THE FUTURE conference, co-organized by the Trade Mission of the Embassy of Israel in Poland.
The aim of the event is to exchange experiences between Poland and Israel in the implementation of innovative solutions for civilian and military entities and research and development cooperation between universities and enterprises of strategic importance.



During the event, the latest solutions from the Israeli market designed to secure maritime critical infrastructure will be presented. The list of companies includes the following entities: Elbit, CONTROP, Cyber 2.0, Corsight, Magellanic, Magna BSP, RBtec, MER Group, MAGAL, Teldor.
The conference will be conducted in English, simultaneous translation will be provided. Participation in the conference requires prior registration ( We cordially invite you to participate.

The event will be attended by representatives of key entities from the Polish and Israeli maritime industry.
The Israeli delegation includes, among others, companies developing innovative technology for critical infrastructure facilities and the Navy, as well as Tel Aviv University – one of the global leaders in the field of cybersecurity in the world. Cooperation between state and private entities, universities and investors is one of the foundations of the economic development of this country. Together they create one of the most innovative ecosystems in the world.

Israel actively promotes and implements innovative solutions developed by startups, an example of which is the acceleration program implemented by the Port of Ashdod, supporting companies developing systems, among others. in the area of cybersecurity or physical protection of critical infrastructure. Port security is absolutely crucial from the perspective of a country that depends on the import of a number of goods transported by road
sea. Building an innovative ecosystem and implementing technologies in these areas is also extremely important from Poland’s perspective, due to the continuous increase in the importance of maritime critical infrastructure, the expansion of the Navy and the development of offshore wind farms. The conference will be an excellent platform for exchanging experiences and points of view in this context with representatives of the ecosystem that has been a priority for years
innovation and safety.