Naval Museum in Gdynia – presentation of Miguel Grau Seminario, admiral of Peru

By Marek Grzybowski

The bust of The Miguel Grau Seminario (1834-1879) – admiral of the Peruvian Navy presentation and handed over was in the Naval Museum in Gdynia, February 26 at 12.00.
The ceremony was take place in the presence of the Ambassador of Peru in Poland, Hubert Wieland Conroy, Commander Christian Salas Ormeño – Perú Maritime Attaché in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, as well as the highest-ranking officers of the Navy, city authorities and other honored guests.
The admiral’s bust, donated to the Naval Museum in Gdynia by Asociación Nacional Pro Marina Peru, will ultimately be included in the Open-Air Exhibition of Naval Weapons and Armament of the Naval Weapons and Armament Museum of the Naval Museum.
More than 20 countries have a bust of Miguel Grau Seminario. Most South American countries, Australia, Japan, China, Canada have a bust of Admiral Seminario. The Naval Museum in Gdynia will be the fifth European museum honored with this gift.
Miguel Grau Seminario, rear admiral of the Peruvian Navy, is one of Peru’s greatest national heroes. The admiral is highly respected and honored in Chile as well. Admiral Seminario distinguished himself in the Pacific War. He was appointed to the rank of admiral after his death. He was called the “knight of the sea” by his opponents. His opponents recognized his sense of chivalry and gentlemanly behavior. Admiral Seminario had a very successful and courageous battle career.