Gdynia Maritime University, the training ship “Dar Młodzieży” started the 2024 season

By Marek Grzybowski

The sailing frigate “Dar Młodzieży” started the 2024 season with students and young people. Youth from maritime schools will undergo maritime practice and gain sailing experience on the high seas and oceans.

The ship will have a cruise of over two months. “Dar Młodzieży” will moor in Antwerp on March 21 this year. Students from the Maritime School Complex in Gdańsk are sailing to Antwerp. More than 100 students and teachers from Hoogere Zeevaartschool – Antwerp Maritime Academy in Antwerp will board the “Dar Młodzieży”.

Students of the Antwerp Maritime Academy will make a 28-day journey, calling at the port of Algeciras on the Strait of Gibraltar. The ship will return to Antwerp and dock on April 19 this year.

Students from the Maritime School Complex in Gdańsk, the West Pomeranian Maritime and Polytechnic Education Center in Szczecin and the Inland Navigation School Complex will come on board. Heroes of Westerplatte in Kędzierzyn-Koźle. Students will take a cruise to Lerwick Harbor in the Shetland Islands.

“Dar Młodzieży” will moor in the port of Hamburg on May 9 this year. The Maritime University Gdynia frigate will participate in the Hafengeburstag Hamburg. “Dar Młodzieży” will return to the port of Gdynia on May 19 this year.

More info: Maritime University Gdynia