COMAL, Maritime Institute, Maritime University of Gdynia and BSSC meeting

By Marek Grzybowski

COMAL, the Maritime Institute of the Maritime University of Gdynia and BSSC, the meeting took place on April 23 at the headquarters of COMAL in the port of Gdańsk. The activities and history of COMAL were widely presented by Eugeniusz Warczok, president of the management board of COMAL.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Marcin Kalinowski, head of the Department of Economics and Law, Dr. Katarzyna Galer-Tatarowicz, head of the environmental protection department of the Maritime Institute, Krysztof Anzelewicz, vice-president of the Baltic Maritime and Space Cluster, Marek Grzybowski, president of the Baltic Maritime and Space Cluster, Janusz Jarosiński, head of marketing at COMAL, Agnieszka Roszkowska, environmental protection manager COMAL.

– COMAL Sp. has been operating at the Port of Gdansk since 1986 and sets the highest standards in the field of environmental protection and maritime vessel service – said President Warczok.
COMAL has an innovative Oily Water Treatment Plant as well as the COMAL Transshipment Terminal and Storage Base. The company can service ships in the roadstead and in the port. COMAL has a fleet of naval units. The company can also service industrial installations in enterprises. COMAL has a fleet of specialized cars to service companies.
– We can comprehensively and professionally manage waste from sea and land and clean industrial waste – says the president of COMAL. A specialized chemical laboratory was also presented.