4th ELMAR All-Partner-Meeting – Gdańsk

4th ELMAR All-Partner-Meeting took place in Gdansk Univesity of  Technology, FACULTY OF MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS


Prof. Ewa Lechman, Vice Dean for Development Faculty of Management and Economics, GUTwelcomed the participants of the conference and introduced the faculty’s activity. Information  about the project, previous research results and the plan of the meeting has been presented by Björn Gabler, GA-MA.

Baseline study on main target groups, use cases & customer expectations – state of the art was presented by Dr. Jan Hummel, Neptun Ship Design (Subcontractor of WFG).  Vasilij Djackov, KU informed about sales & supplier market study Baltic States. Artur Gruhlke, CEO Nelton, presented information about designing of ships and floating objects and Krzysztof Smiech informed about InterMarE project goals and activity.  In depth analysis on electric car ferries for shorter distances service infrastructure (incl. floating stations) for electric leisure boats was the subject of Marcin Forkiewicz information. Leszek Wolski has done an analysis on sustainable autonomous electric water mobility system.

The results of the research and further activities were the subject of discussion during the second day of the conference. Feasibility studies on use cases was presenteted about: Vorpommern coastal pax ship (Karl Kuba, WFG), Petla Zulawska Charter Boats and Ferry on Vistula Lagoon (Marcin Forkiewicz, GUT), Small open deck boats for the charter business (Filip Gruszczynski, PSC), Autonomous e-boats in Pomorskie Region (Leszek Wolski, EI, GUT) and Ferries on Curonian lagoon and river service by Vasilij Djackov, KU. Jens Mulk outlined the road map of research and cooperation during the discussion on a further research program and case study presentation. The program Demo Boat Workshops in Rusne and Klaipeda and Conference in Klaipeda has been established.  The 2nd study tour / B2B matchmaking outside SBA Marine e-mobility regions incl. on-shore infrastructure in Starnberg Lake DE was discussed. Motus Foundation potential and activity was presented by Hanna Ołdakowska, MOTUS Foundation as potential PR partner. Photo: Marek Grzybowski