Business Beyond Borders – Destination Africa in Gdynia

Business Beyond Borders – Destination Africa took place in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park on March 5 this year. The conference was organized by Pomeranian Employers together with the Pomeranian Development Agency S.A. and the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia.

The economic potential of Kenya, Ethiopia and Morocco was presented during the meeting. The Piano House Group has been given as an example of the success of positioning luxury brands on the African market. How to practically operate in business on the African continent said representatives of the forwarding company ATC Cargo. It was particularly important to note that various documents and procedures apply in African countries. The approach of contractors to cooperating and finalizing contracts is also different. Pre-payment is not always carried out in a timely manner or is carried out under certain conditions. So before you start doing business, you need to know the specifics of the country and even region.

The debate about the difficulties arising from cultural, linguistic and religious differences was interesting. It was important to say M. El Yacoubi El Idrissi, CEO of LinkNeed, that in Africa the differences in the culture of doing business are much larger than between European countries. “You have to read Kapuscinski’s books,” said Jaroslaw Popis, Commercial Director of Navimor International, noting that even in one country, cultural or religious differences mean that business in Africa has a completely different specificity than in Europe. Business with African partners should be approached on a long-term basis and based on direct relations – the other panel participants emphasized. photos: Marek Grzybowski