SURVEY “Measuring attitudes towards collaboration and innovation”

4. ZEVinnovation Survey flyer

Dear Colleague/Expert,

We are pleased to inform you that THE SURVEY “Measuring attitudes towards collaboration and innovation” is developed within the ZEVinnovation project, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation designed to support innovation, education, research and competitiveness across the EEA.


About the Project

The aim of the ZEVinnovation project is to establish a sustainable network for the development of innovative zero-emission vessels and related technologies by developing an international innovation and collaboration hub – the Zero Emission Vessel HUB. The Zero Emission Vessel HUB is designed to facilitate collaboration between organisations in the maritime clusters in Norway, Poland and Croatia.


The key goals of the project are:


  • To identify existing and near-future technology gaps in development of electric vessels in the EEA,
  • To identify best practices in the design, financing, production and practical use of electric ships in the EEA,
  • To identify the most appropriate innovation methods which will be used further in the project.


The Aim of the Survey


The results from the survey will be used to measure the attitudes of organisations towards innovation and collaboration and help us not only to identify potential collaboration partners and projects which may be of interest, but also to identify the tools and resources which organisations need access to in order to increase knowledge and competence in collaborative working and which can be provided by the Zero Emission Vessel HUB.


How participation can benefit your company


  • Receive invitation to join the Zero Emission Vessel HUB,
  • Acces to join 2 zero emission vessel pilot projects (potentially Horizon Europe funded),
  • Receive first editions of project reports,
  • Acces to International maritime network.


The survey has been designed based on the recently published ISO Standard 56000 on Innovation management and the standards relating to innovation partnerships. It contains questions on how your company measures its success in relation to innovation, what tools and processes it currently uses for deciding whether to enter into a collaboration project, how it selects potential collaboration partners and what tools and resources it would like access to in order to improve its understanding in relation to collaboration projects. The questions will give you a chance to reflect on your own company’s attitudes towards collaboration.


By participating in the survey will also enable your company to have access to the Zero-Emission Vessel Innovation HUB tools and resources which may lead to possible participation in EU funded pilot projects under the Horizon Europe scheme. You will also gain access to an international maritime network of organisations all working towards creating a greener future through the development of zero emission vessels.


The survey should only take about 10 minutes of your time and we thank you in advance for your participation.




If you have any questions regarding the survey or would like more information on the ZEVInnovation project, please contact us,


Kind Regards,

ZEVinnovation project team