Gdańsk University of Technology received PLN 70 million in funding for infrastructural development

Comprehensive revitalization of the historic building at ul. Sobieskiego 18 in Gdańsk will be possible thanks to the funding that, on behalf of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, was transferred to the university authorities by Przemysław Czarnek, the Minister of Education and Science.

During his visit to Gdańsk, the minister also provided funding for several other projects in which the Gdańsk University of Technology is involved. PLN 6.5 million was supported by:
Project “Supporting university consolidation processes”. Preparation of the Fahrenheit University for the creation of the federation – PLN 3,478,108.12
“Implementation doctorate” program, 6th edition – PLN 1,512,507.55
Task “Increase in the computing power of OPI PIB along with improving user access to ICT systems run for the Ministry of Science and Higher Education” – PLN 850,927.66
“Excellent Science” program – PLN 307,500
Project “The best of the best! 4.0”. “SimLE SimBa: Launch of experimental sounding rockets with a scientific payload at international construction competitions” – PLN 256,696.65

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