ELMECH ASE – B2B meeting of members of the Baltic Sea and Space Cluster


The B2B meeting of the members of the Baltic Maritime and Space Cluster was held at ELMECH ASE as part of the ZEVInnovation project, a hub for the production of zero-emission ships on March 28 this year. The meeting was attended by Cluster members interested in positioning solutions and products using energy storage and ensuring energy quality.

The cluster integrates local initiatives and positions them on the global market in the form of projects. Recently, he received an award for the activity of cluster members in implementing innovations ensuring safety in ports and shipyards, on ships and in sea transport, on service units and offshore installations.
The cluster is developing in the Pentagon Helix formula, integrating the transfer of knowledge between science and business, supporting social, local government and administration initiatives, developing investor relations. The activities of the cluster are characterized by a holistic, integrative and global approach, making the activities of Maritime Industry 4.0 part of Economy 4.0. – explains President Grzybowski, emphasizing that the cluster integrates local initiatives and positions them on the global market in the form of projects.
– From the beginning of our activity, we have been designing and producing electronics and power electronics for the maritime market, and then for industry, energy and the army – said Arkadiusz Marat, President of the Management Board of Elmech ASE. We have developed many innovative designs for guaranteed power supply, energy conversion, charging, supervision and management of batteries and improving energy quality. Currently, based on our own studies, we implement system solutions to improve the quality of energy and power management in industrial plants for the 21st century – said President Arkadiusz Marat, presenting specific solutions used on land and on vessels.
Elemech ASE has innovative solutions to ensure high quality electricity parameters and energy efficiency. Based on many years of experience, we are able to match the most effective method of improving the quality of electricity to your needs – explained Marat.

– ASE Technology Group consists of companies covering the investment process and operation of industrial facilities – from the performance of environmental analyzes and documentation, through design, to the implementation of systems, technologies and equipping plants with devices and components. We have a representative office in Africa, we are dynamically developing our operations in India, where 20 engineers work – said Adam Jachowicz, who represented Dariusz Jachowicz, president of the ASE Technology Group.

– The Pomeranian Special Economic Zone is actively involved in the energy transformation – said Mikołaj Ochman, board member of the PSEZ. The Pomeranian Special Economic Zone performed an energy efficiency audit of its facilities in 2021. As a result of these activities, PSEZ, in cooperation with the National Energy Conservation Agency, created an energy and economic report in which it developed modernization projects for the years 2021-2023.

The energy storage was presented to the participants of the meeting. The energy storage together with the control devices is mounted in a standard container. Witold Kowalczyk and Patryk Jeż presented the assembly of battery clusters and the control system, explaining the role and operation of individual systems. The meeting ended with a discussion on the implementation of joint projects and international cooperation in the ZEVinnovation project, in order to participate with the products of Polish companies in the energy transformation of the Scandinavian countries and the Mediterranean region, including the Adriatic.